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The rising sun

Publié le 12 Mars 2022 par Philippe

The rising sun

Exhibition at the City Hall - Castle, Museum Space, M. Escalier square, 06140 Tourettes - sur - Loup, daily open except Sundays (10am - 1pm, 2pm - 6pm), closed holidays, phone :,, admission free.


The German painter Ulrich Rampp gives a huge importance to the light following the Goethe sentence in which the famous intellectual said that light build colors. His own foundation support artists connected with nature preservation also help the refection of the Tourettes - sur - Loup City Hall. The National Portrait Gallery exhibited artist Joanna Painter lives in Saint - Paul - de - Vence walking among the landscapes of the Gorges du Loup a river near the village of Tourettes - sur - Loup. She looks for light like Ulrich Rampp does with a respect of details and a deep knowledge of drawing. The Joanna Painter canvas stay as picture  following the hyper - realist movement way of making.

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