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Orsten Bloom, Limbo

Publié le 6 Septembre 2022 par Philippe

Orsten Bloom, Limbo

Exhibition at the Suquet of the Artists until December 11, 2022, Saint Dizier street 7, 06400 Cannes, daily open (10am - 6pm), phone :, admission free.


Orsten Bloom finds his own inspiration inside the maze for highlighting 38 canvas to the audience dealing with a complex and chaotic world an middle state where the hazy leads. For materializing this state Orsten Bloom uses a lot the carnival, the uggly and kabbalistik signs he underlines the importance towards the thickness and the superposition of brushstrokes. This singular artwork made by a juxtaposition of pictures can be explain by an aneurisme who has let Orsten Bloom amnesic and epilpetic. Orsten Bloom takes some mediums like painting, sculpting, video tape and poetry for bringing back to the origins. This way of doing integrate itself perfectly inside the Suquet of the Artists looking like a cave.

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